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Memory Mastery- Memory Course

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    This course will help you to learn techniques to sharpen your memory so that you can be an effective individual.




    By the end of this course, you will be able to improve your memory skills.




    The people who love to learn can enroll for this course.

    • School Students
    • College Students
    • Teachers
    • Professors
    • Businessmen
    • Employers
    • Employees
    • Professionals
    • Hobbyists
    • Housewives
    • Anyone who has ever wished they could learn more effectively




    Students should be able to read proficiently in English.




    Session 1- Introduction to Memory. Time – (100 Minutes) 60 - 75 Minute lecture with 30 Minute Q&A.


    This course will serve as an introduction to all the other courses which could be taken individually. Covered would be the purpose of memory, some of the basic theories of skill acquisition and how to develop habits to effectively take advantage of the rest of the course.


     Session 2- Effective Study Techniques. Time (75 Minutes) 60 Minute Lecture with 15 Minute Q&A


    In this course we will review how to study to learn the most effectively. To learn the most in the least amount of time. Covering when, where and how to study and also showing that passion and determination are often more important than talent for success.


    Session 3 Memory Champ edition V1. - Basic Mnemonics Time (120 Minutes) 90 Lecture with 30 Minutes Q&A.


    We will explore easy Peg Lists that can be used to memorize a series of items in order. The use of peg lists will be important in the development of the more advanced techniques in lessons 5 and 6.


    Session 4Memory Champ edition V2 - Advanced Mnemonics. Time (120 Minutes) 90 Minute Lecture 30 Minute Q&A


    We will take mnemonics even farther with the advanced techniques Memory Champions use to memorize long lists of words and numbers


    Session5Advanced Mnemonics-II Time (120 Minutes) 90 Minute Lecture 30 Minute Q&A
  • Below mentioned training methodologies will be adopted while training:


    • Aim to provide contextually relevant, skill oriented and emotionally positive experiences via training
    • Continuous encouragement to the trainees to complete course
    • Elements:
      • Pre & Post Assessment
        • Objective and fair assessment of trainees post training
      • Demarcation between Theory and In class Practicals
      • Be as much interactive as possible
      • Encourage participants to share their ”burning questions” about the topic
      • Launching a poll question for participants to answer
      • Try to explain using famous models and studies
      • Incorporate Case based learning (case videos/ movies) and storytelling, if applicable
      • Integrate soft skills in the training, if applicable
      • Motivate learners to apply concepts from domain subjects in a real world situation
      • Practical Home work
      • Provision of skill Certification information to trainees, wherever applied and required
      • Encourage regular trainee interaction during , in-between and after the course
      • Aim to design a module that engages participants every 4 minutes
      • Encourage participants to use platform tools like Poll, Chat, Raise Hand, Screen Sharing etc.
      • Provision of learning/ reference material to the trainees
      • Regular post session response to the trainees
      • Record of participation and Certificate of achievement issued by EduSmart Skills
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Memory Mastery- Memory Course

    The sessions will be interactive and you can ask as many questions as you want.

    We can customize the course in your desired time frame. Please contact our customer service team for details

    We would be happy to develop a course to meet your requirements.

    If you are aware of the classes or dates you may be missing, please inform the trainer in advance and we will be happy to reschedule it for you or provide you alternate options.

    Edusmart Skills is an online education platform and has no engagement in the job placement. However, our trainers will be glad to guide you in the right direction.



    The entire training course content is in line with respective certification program and helps you clear the requisite exams with ease and get the best jobs in the top MNCs.

    As part of this training you will be working on the assignments that have immense implications in the real world industry scenario thus helping you fast track your career effortlessly.

    During the program there will be assessments that perfectly reflect the type of questions asked in the exams and helps you score better.

    EduSmart Skills Course Completion certificate will be awarded on the completion of course.

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